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Hannigan Fairing Features for Moto Guzzi Ambassador and Eldorado Motorcycles and the Benefits to Riders

Hannigan Fairing's 30+ year history of providing wind-tunnel-designed, custom built weather protection for riders. Wind tunnel research shows that the bike and rider cut more cleanly through the air with a Hannigan Fairing installed. Compared to a Hannigan Fairing other fairings and windshields waist 10 to 18 engine horsepower just to push the bike down the highway. A Hannigan Fairing leaves more throttle response and horsepower available for passing and acceleration. Hannigan Fairing's low drag shape also produces likely increases in fuel economy and reduces stress and wear on your engine.

High quality DOT approved H4 quartz halogen 55/60 headlight installed in fairing providing good night lighting as standard equipment or HID Dual bulb, DOT approved extra cost lighting option. HID low beam produces four times the light of an H-4 headlight and draws 10 fewer watts from your alternator. This sounds too good to be true, however the technology is similar to mercury vapor street lights and is well proven. These are the same Phillips bulbs and electronics as on the upper end BMWs and Mercedes 12-cylinder cars, so they are high quality. The H-8 high beam bulb incorporated in the HID headlight draws an additional 35 watts for high beam distance illumination. After riding with this HID installation here in the Ozark Mountain woods I can verify that the HID puts near daylight out to the trees on both sides of the road and forward about a hundred yards. (Accurate adjustment is critical so oncoming drivers can see.) The halogen high beam is noticeably yellow in comparison to the HID bulb. The high beam, added to the HID light, allowed me to identify the dashes in the centerline at 1/4 mile at 60 mph. The Hannigan Fairing HID system is the cutting edge of motorcycle lighting featuring a clear lens design with faceted reflector so it looks and works great.

Marker lights built in for added conspicuity are standard equipment.

DOT Turn signals built in.

Windshield height choice; 12" Sport-Shield, 16", 17.5", 19" and 21" above the center of the handlebar for the ST fairings so you can suit the level of wind protection to your height. For travel, choose a windshield height that places the top edge of the windshield about two inches below your comfortable riding line of sight. This places the spoiler, when installed, in the center of your line of sight for a quiet and earplug-free ride. By sitting more upright or lowering the windshield one size you can see over the spoiler, however the wind noise will increase as you move up. We provide specific measuring instructions when ordering or see page 3 under the spare parts button on our web page. The result is a fairing custom tailored to your riding preference. Some riders prefer to take advantage of our windshield special which is a Sport-Shield for summer commuting and taller windshield fitted to the rider's height for touring and cooler weather. Swapping windshields takes about ten minutes.

Removable windshield spoiler adds 6" to the windshield height and pushes air around your helmet. Remove the spoiler in a couple of minutes and store it in the center storage area for cooler riding in hot weather.

High-gloss black, hand buffed and polished tough, long lasting finish for your fairing investment. If you are going to color match your fairing to your bike let us know and we will provide the fairing in a more ready to paint condition at no extra cost.

We hand laminate all fiberglass parts making your fairing a light weight, tough and repairable riding and traveling tool.

Store as much as 46 liters in the ST fairing through three snap down, double-thickness, tonneau covers (40 liters is a good sized saddlebag). Optional locking hard storage covers are available. You can never have too much storage on a traveling motorcycle.

Both the SS, ST and the GTII fairing models provide nearly identical weather protection to the rider. The difference depends on how you plan to ride the bike. If you are building a traveling machine then the ST offers more travel storage and, at 23", is one inch wider than the SS fairing. The SS gives a lower and more swept-back line below the handlebar while reducing installed weight by four pounds. The GTII looks big and bold on larger wheel base machines and cruisers. The GTII fairing is five inches wider than our ST fairing, extending weather protection out for wide handlebars. Space for gauges, I-Pod, satellite radio, GPS, radio on deck without intruding on travel storage inside the fairing. Optional Radio-Front Kit is available for mounting your electronics. Choose fairing mounted speaker or headset type.

Hannigan Fairing Co. currently only builds frame-mounted fairings, which apply no wind loads to the steering system of the motorcycle. This provides the rider with solid and stable weather protection. Welded steel mounting bracket construction with all fasteners and hardware included for trouble free installation and riding. The mounting brackets are powder coated and oven cured for a tough rust resistant finish.

Wire harness plugs directly into the circuit card your bike's headlight shell without splices or Scotch Locks for a quick, low fuss installation and trouble free riding.

Optional Mid-Lowers come down to the top of the cylinders or Full-Lowers that bring weather protection below your boots are available. A No-Lowers Hannigan Fairing System protects down to 5" below the rider's knees. Attachment is with stainless steel fasteners and vibration resistant stainless locknuts for durable good looks. Some rider's have a pair of Mid-Lowers for summer and Full-Lowers for cooler weather riding. Due to the effects of Bernoulli's theorem and the consequent low pressure generated behind the lowers most engines get more air flow and operate at a lower temperature with Hannigan Full-Lowers installed. So not only is the engine not working as hard to push the bike through the air with a Hannigan Fairing, it also runs cooler with Hannigan Full-Lowers or Mid-Lowers. If you are not sure about optional lights or lowers you can add any item listed as an option to your fairing after it is on your motorcycle.

Thirty years of parts support for riders on the go with over night shipping available.

High quality mirrors in aerodynamic housings give a good view day and night.

Detailed installation instructions for a fuss free installation. Installation takes about four hours.

As you can tell from this list Hannigan Fairing Co. only builds to the highest quality for your motorcycle. Each handcrafted fairing is built to last with many of our fairings starting their fourth decade of providing comfort, storage and style to their owners. When you buy a new bike move your Hannigan Fairing to it and keep on riding!

With that in mind, a Hannigan Fairing:

Full-Lowers ST Fairing System for your Guzzi is $1660.

Mid-Lowers ST Fairing System is 1360.

No-Lowers ST Fairing System is $1160.

No-Lowers SS Fairing System is $1050.

No-Lowers ST Fairing System is $1265.

Shipping in the continental U.S. is included along with the features as described above.

The HID headlight system installed in your fairing adds $349.

Custom factory installation with winter storage for newer Guzzi models adds $499. Arkansas state sales tax applies to factory installations.

We accept Discover, Visa and Mastercard when ordering.

We would enjoy crafting a fairing for you and your motorcycle so please give me a call at 800-324-7660 and we will get started!

If you need more information please give me an email.

Best regards and good riding to you, Jerry Heil Hannigan Fairing Co. 112 South Elm Street, Paris, Arkansas 72855. 800-324-7660, 479-963-4603, fax 479-963-9218.


ED Note: If you're interested in having a Hannigan fairing for your Moto Guzzi, please contact Jerry Heil. FW