Moto Guzzi National Owners Club
Moto Guzzi National Owners Club
Moto Guzzi National Owners Club
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Attention All

Don Boyd, Utah MGNOC Rep, is looking for a few volunteers to help set up a rally in Utah in 2003. Dinners and location will be handled locally. Volunteers are needed to design and arrange rally pins, T-shirts, organize an observation run, sell 50/50 tickets and find someone willing to contact dealers and vendors for rally door prizes. Also one or more people will be needed to register participants, make the coffee and tea, and someone to bring the breakfast bagels for Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Likely this rally will happen in June or July. However, Don explained:

"I plan to enjoy myself too, so depending on the number of committed volunteers, this rally will either be a no frills/fend for yourself event" or a first class rally."

If interested in helping, please contact: MGNOC Rep, Don Boyd via email at:

100,000 Mile Badge Recipients

Tony Roudebush #2112, Joliet, Illinois has ridden ten Moto Guzzis for a total of 287,000 miles. Model and mileage are as follows: 1967 V-700, 47,000; 1970 Ambassador, 31,000; V7 Sport, 8,000; 1972 Ambassador, 43,000; 1979 SP1000, 87,000; 1984 V65C, 4,000; 1986 Lario, 8,000; 1986 LeMans 27,000 (still own); 1995 California 1100, 18,000 (still own); and 1999 Bassa, 14,000 (still own). Tony wrote:

"As you can see above, the older I got, the less I rode. From my view point the best motorcycle I ever rode was the SP1000. My first Guzzi was the lightly used '67 V-700, which I got from a friend in 1968. I have owned many other makes from 1968, but during the ensuing 34 years I was without a Moto Guzzi for only a few months. Most of the time I owned two (as now) or three bikes."

LeRoy Crabtree, Jr #L-435, Citrus Heights, California. LeRoy used three Guzzis to total up 100,733 miles. He started out with two 850 Eldorados by racking up 61,440 miles on them. After several years enjoying the older Guzzis he bought a new 1998 EV and rode that 39,293 miles so far. LeRoy explained:

"The two Eldos were mostly used daily for commuting 128 miles a day, five days a week, weekend poker runs, and an occasional vacation trip. My third Moto Guzzi is a 1998 V11 EV. I have ridden the V11 EV similarly on daily and weekly commute. The vacation trips became longer in mileage.

My first Guzzi trip was to the MGNOC Washington State National in 1996 (same place for the 2003 National), I attended the Guzzi Arizona Rally twice, and I rode to the Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C. The people I met along the way were always friendly.

For the most part the two Eldos proved to be more reliable than other bikes I've owned, and the V11 EV has been as reliable as the two Eldorados.

I have a 1973 Eldorado sitting in my garage, waiting for a new paint job, pistons, rings, new tires and assorted gaskets and seals. For me the Eldorado might just be the perfect motorcycle: shaft drive, six gallon gas tank, low seat height, and 5-speed transmission. Just the bike for a Route 66 trip in a year or two."

Timothy Brunner #19262, Panama City, Florida. Timothy has enjoyed four Moto Guzzis for a total mileage of 142,000 miles. The only one of the four that he no longer owns is the 1969 V-700 that he rode for 87,000 miles. After that he put 42,000 miles on a 1976 1000cc Convert. (I bought one of those brand new.) His third Moto Guzzi is a 1976 850-T3 LAPD, which he has ridden 9,000 miles so far. The forth in line is his 1998 EV that he has ridden (so far) 4,000 miles, that he purchased in 2001.

If you have ridden one or more Moto Guzzis for 100,000 miles and you too would like to have a "100,000 Mile Badge" (free of charge), and you're a member of the MGNOC, just send a self addressed stamped envelope and I (Frank) will send you a "100,000 Mile Badge" application. Fill out the application and return to me and you'll receive your 100,000 Mile Badge. By the way, this badge (pin) is two inches wide by two inches high and is colorful. Something to be proud of.