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Product Evaluation - Foot peg relocation for Spine Frame

Evoluzione Cyclesports


Cost: $15.99 plus $5.00 S/H

I tried this product on my '95 1100 Sport. Although it was designed for the V11 Series machines it worked well on my Sport. There's not much to it, two new screws, a spacer, shim and plastic plugs.

It does not replace your stock pegs, just relocates them down to the lower tranny mounting bolt.

It went together very simply...the instructions were spot on. The brake pedal gets relocated with the peg and there is enough adjustment to move the brake pedal in a usable position. If you need to lower the brake pedal any lower you can shorten the shaft a few millimeters.

The shifter side has a different issue. As the peg goes down and back, you try to adjust the shifter down and it runs out of adjustment when it collides with the lower part of the "batwing". This makes the shifter too far forward and too high. You have to lift your foot off the peg to shift up. May be okay for size 12 shoes, but not for me. This is the only shortcoming of the whole kit. I will relocate the 'shift nub' when I get around to it. Mild fabrication is worst case.

The pegs move back roughly 2" and down 1.5". It adds a little weight to my wrists and I'm sure it decreases ground clearance.

The best part is ZERO hip/knee fatigue for me! Added 200 miles to my day easily! For $15.99 you cannot go wrong with this kit.

Viva Baby!

Eric Todd Trosper

MGNOC Wisconsin rep