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Product Test

The rain boots I'd been using for the past few years were worn out and I was in the mood for buying something to replace them and something different than what I had had. These boots came from Germany and did the job, except they didn't last very long and were difficult to get on over my riding boots. They weren't as user-friendly as they should have been.

Often times when I leave on a trip, my departure happens in cool temperatures or down right cold temperatures. For example, last September Chuck and I rode our Guzzis up to the South Dakota Moto Guzzi Rally. We foolishly left the motel near the rally very early at 3:40 A.M. on Sunday - and in the COLD at 27 degrees (F). My feet and hands get cold easily so this is something I think about. I can do the high heat, no problem, but I suffer in the cold. And 27 degrees, in the dark, was cold! In fact we rode something like 150 miles before it ever got out of the 30 degree range. Brrr.

I often will use what I call "my rain booties" to put over my riding boots to add a little help in keeping my feet a little warmer. In the past I've used numerous kinds of additions to my feet to provide not only a wind break, but to add another layer to help insulate.

I heard about Treds. They look kinda average, but unlike all the rest I've used, Treds slip on so easily. The average rubber items people wear are difficult to slip over various footwear and they aren't all that durable in the first place. In fact I've had them rot just sitting in an air tight saddlebag.

When my pair of Treds arrived I found a sample of the rubber like material inside the box, with a cut in the little patch of stuff. I tried ripping/tearing it as I clamped down with my teeth (I have strong jaws!) and took hold of the other side with both my hands and pulled for all I was worth. No effect. This stuff is strong, bigtime. Maybe if I stuck the patch in a bench vise and pulled on it with a pair of pliers - but that's a little overdone and unfair for testing over-the-shoe rain boots.

That cold morning when we left South Dakota, I added my Treds over my riding boots. My feet got cold within 20 miles, but I wasn't too bad off and I didn't suffer anything close to what I would have had I worn only my riding boots. My Treds kept the direct wind off my feet and helped to insulate them.

Since I got the Treds maybe two months ago, I've ridden 4-5 times in a healthy rain and naturally they didn't leak. No surprise there.

The little green tag that came with the Treds states: "Treds Overboots are made of real latex natural rubber - 800% elongation - 4000 lbs of tensile strength - 210 lbs per inch of "trouser" tear strength."

I'm unsure if I understand all that, but I'm convinced they are tough and work well in the rain and offer warmth in the cold.

They pack well enough. Wish I could roll them up in a pint size can, but I can wad them up easily enough by wrapping a rubber band or two around them. I'm not worried about them being damaged in the saddlebag, that's for sure!

Unlike some where one size fits all, or you can select from small, medium or large - Treds come in x-small, small, large, large/x-large, x-large and xx-large. I wear a 9 1/2 size boot/shoe so I ordered a "medium" and they are a good fit. Proper clothing and proper riding gear (for me) makes the ride a great deal more enjoyable. I did without for years. Over the past decade or two I've used good riding gear and that's the only way to go.

Of course, as I mentioned above, Treds are totally water tight, comfortable, and appear to me that they'll last for just about forever. Price! The cost surprised me! $30 plus shipping. I'm very pleased with the Treds and recommend them.

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