This article was originally printed in the Moto Guzzi National Owners Club monthly newsletter.

Out and About - In Search of That All-Too Elusive..."Sweet Spot", by Steven Rossi

Often associated with tennis rackets and golf clubs, I believe that each and every motorcycle also has its own, unique "sweet spot."

Case in point...the other day I was on my way to do some morning errands. While heading toward the truck, I turned instead to the twin and soon, I was headed down two lanes on two wheels.

The weather was New England picture perfect - the air crisp and clean, the sun bold and bright. As I motored on, I happened to look down at the clocks - to find that I was loafing along at...80 mph, and turning roughly 4,750 rpm.

Certainly, it didn't seem like I was riding in excess. Instead, every element of the experience seemed to align itself with each other. The big V-twin was just chugging along, barely straining, with carburetion spot-on in the cool air. With minimal input, the suspension returned only the right degree of feedback to signal its satisfaction-nothing more, nothing less. The tires ran down the ribbon of road as if they were drawn right from the very spool itself. For a change, I was dressed just right for the occasion - not too light, nothing too heavy. All the vibration, insidious airflow and dynamic resonance was, in fact, soothing-as opposed to annoying. And the entire conveyance was followed by a compassionate cacophony from its emphatic exhaust, trailing in the wake.

It's well accepted that certain machines seem to behave better than their brethren. Moto Guzzi 850cc twins, for example, have been known to display more favorable engine balance than the later 1,000's - the bore and stroke combination of the smaller, square-finned twin apparently being just right. Likewise, BMW boxers of the R75 or R80 variety are recognized as a bit more compliant than their R100 counterparts.

But on this magnificent morning there was more to it than that. Like the frightful fusion of natural forces and unsuspecting circumstances that can unwittingly come together to create the Perfect Storm, so too can that oh so special combination of the right ride on the right road...under the right create perfect harmony. And though rare, when it happens you will have discovered your bike's very own - and all-too elusive - "sweet spot".

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